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Vibration Living & Cooking in New Orleans


Vibration Cooking & Living in New Orleans

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Zella Palmer, educator, food historian, author and filmaker serves as the Chair and Director of the Dillard University Ray Charles Program in African-American Material Culture. Palmer is committed to preserving the legacy of African-American, Native American and Latino culinary history in New Orleans and the South.

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Zella is an excellent translator of history and making content relevant to current affairs in African American Material, Food, and Culture.  Her intersectional experiences of living in the US and abroad makes her analysis of culture much deeper and richer than most people I know, while providing cultural authenticity.  If you you love history and culture, you will be captivated by Zella‘s writing and work.

Dr. Howard Conyers

Rocket Scientist and South Carolina BBQ Pitmaster

Zella Palmer is dedicated to community. She’s masterful at not only at bringing people together, but also creating ways to explore what community means. She’s a dot connector.

Julia Turshen

Chef, Author and Founder of EATT


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